The East Africa Livestock Early Warning System monitors forage conditions for six countries in north east Africa with over 500 monitoring sites located across 12 monitoring zones to provide point-based assessment of forage conditions simulated by the PHGYROW modeling system.  The PHYGROW model is linked with the NOAA Climate Prediction Center's RFE weather data and is updated daily to give near-real time predictions of current forage conditions. Total available forage for cattle, sheep and goats is computed for each location based on NAR scientist assignments of modal plant communities dominating each location. Modeled standing crop (kg/ha), deviation from a 30-yr simulated benchmark average, and available forage for each livestock species are combined with NDVI data through a cokriging process to produce continuous coverages of the entire region. To view the status of each monitoring site in the region, click on the Forage Map link to take you to our interactive map.

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